Spring is on the way

Spring is on the way.

I love this time of year because so much new life is bursting out of the ground all around. In Norfolk, at this time of year, we have so much to see that confirms that we are coming out of the winter and turning the corner into Spring.

Wild Flowers Primroses

Primroses growing in the Norfolk countryside

It doesn’t mean that we can take off our coats yet though, the old saying, “Don’t cast a clout ’till May is out.” is a very sensible one. That saying has its origins from the days when men took off their coats to fight. In other words, don’t challenge anyone to a fight before May is out or you will get cold as well as risking getting beaten up!

Lots of our sayings have obscure meanings:”Don’t look a gift-horse in the mouth.” for example goes back to the method of telling how old a horse is by looking at the teeth. If someone gives you a horse, the last thing you really should be doing is checking how old it is!

About Glynn

I have been researching local & family history since 1977 and I'm passionate about this beautiful county and the people who have made it what it is. All of my own ancestors, discovered up to today, lived within fifty miles of where I live today and that means I am, as far as I know, a real Norfolk Dumpling, with a tiny bit of me from North Suffolk. :) My early origins were obviously from Scandinavia but I suspect that I have a bit of Roman blood in there too, as there was a very large Roman presence in the area.

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