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I was talking to a tourism chief the other day and he wasn’t too sure that ancestral tourism was as important to the local economy of England as I was making it out to be. He couldn’t see how a few people wandering around grave-yards and poking around in the local library could amount to much. How could I convince him? Well, I didn’t bother to try.

All I need to do is to go into the central library in the Forum in Norwich or to pop into the Norfolk record Office to see how many people visit this area simply to learn more about their Norfolk and Suffolk ancestors. It is so common to hear Australian, Canadian, New Zealand and American accents in these places, in fact, perhaps more of those four than Norfolk accents. That’s without the Northern British, the Londoners, the Midlanders, etc. It’s great to sit beside someone at the microfilm readers or on the computers and hear them talk about their ancestors who were from King’s Lynn or Great Yarmouth.

I am one of very few people who offer proper, bespoke, ancestral tourism in England and, if you want to see where your ancestors lived, I can help. I don’t need to convince the “experts”, we know how important it is to visit the homes of our ancestors!

Norfolk grave Ancestral Tours

Find an ancestor’s gravestone and learn so much about their life.

About Glynn

I have been researching local & family history since 1977 and I'm passionate about this beautiful county and the people who have made it what it is. All of my own ancestors, discovered up to today, lived within fifty miles of where I live today and that means I am, as far as I know, a real Norfolk Dumpling, with a tiny bit of me from North Suffolk. :) My early origins were obviously from Scandinavia but I suspect that I have a bit of Roman blood in there too, as there was a very large Roman presence in the area.

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