Parachuting Over Norfolk (and Suffolk).

Well, 2nd February 2013 will go down in my life story, as one of those days! One of those days that are engraved in the mind for ever!

Some months ago, I was talking to two people who are organising a hospitality trade fair in Norwich as I will be helping them while they are looking for traders, exhibitors and other interested parties. Mina, the pretty one of the pair, (sorry Mike,) announced that they were doing a sponsored parachute jump in aid of Nelson’s Journey and something in me said: “I’ll do it!”. Trouble was, I had said it out aloud!

From that moment on, I was busy raising money and getting more and more excited about the big day. I wasn’t worried at all, something which concerned me a little, as I was seriously thinking of jumping out of a perfectly good plane, several thousands of feet off the ground, I really ought to be scared didn’t I?

Anyway, the day came and it was lovely, cold but lovely. We went over to Beccles, my wife, my daughter, her partner and myself, all looking forward to the experience.

After the briefing and getting kitted up, we made our way to the plane. I was sitting in front of my tandem parachutist and he was getting my harness attached to his and tightening up all the straps. The view was fantastic as we flew out over the sea near Lowestoft and back over the Norfolk and Suffolk countryside. Swollen rivers and beautiful green fields lay below us like a little Blue-Peter model train-set! (Check it out HERE )

The first cameraman jumped and then a tandem pair. I was shuffled along the floor of the plane and hung my legs out of the door, tucked my legs under the plane as directed, enjoyed the view and whoosh, we were out. We seemed to tumble for a little while but then I was signaled to put my arms out. The views were spectacular!!! My parachutist asked how it was. I said “Fan-Tas-Tic” and I’m sure I was grinning like a Cheshire cat.

The parachute was opened and we floated down for ages, looking around and chatting. I took hold of the controls for a while and I was surprised at the strength needed to manoeuvre the canopy but the serenity of floating gently down to Earth was beautiful.

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Glynn coming in to land.

As we were getting nearer to the ground, I could see my family and I was waving my arms like there was no tomorrow but all too soon, I was told to cross my arms and lift my legs, ready for landing. The landing itself was like sitting on a settee! Amazing!

After getting up and shaking hands and thanking my parachuting partner, I made my way over the the people on the ground. I was beaming and couldn’t quite believe what I had just done!

Thanks to Mina for suggesting this in a conversation and thanks to all those involved who made it possible. If you would like to arrange a parachute jump, please contact HERE   as you will be in safe hands!

If you would like to add your own donation to Nelson’s Journey, please contact me.

Norfolk Tours, Parachuting, Beccles, Norfolk Expo,

I may have looked silly but it was A-MAZ-ING!!!










Just received my photographs and this is one for the album!

Norfolk, Parachuting,

Downwards at 125 MPH

Here are a selection of some others taken on the way down to Earth!


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Parachuting, Norfolk, Vacations, Family History,

Up there, you can see for miles!












Parachuting, Norfolk, Vacations, Family History,

What an experience!

Parachuting, Norfolk, Vacations, Family History,

I don’t know if I was over Norfolk or Suffolk at this moment!







Parachuting, Norfolk, Vacations, Family History,

“Nothing but blue skies do I see”

Parachuting, Norfolk, Vacations, Family History,

Slightly happy?







Parachuting, Norfolk, Vacations, Family History,

I’d say so!










Parachuting, Norfolk, Vacations, Family History,

Can I do it again please?






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