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I have been researching local & family history since 1977 and I'm passionate about this beautiful county and the people who have made it what it is. All of my own ancestors, discovered up to today, lived within fifty miles of where I live today and that means I am, as far as I know, a real Norfolk Dumpling, with a tiny bit of me from North Suffolk. :) My early origins were obviously from Scandinavia but I suspect that I have a bit of Roman blood in there too, as there was a very large Roman presence in the area.

Anna Sewell letters found in Norfolk!

Wow! Who would have believed it? Previously unknown correspondence relating to the world-famous Norfolk Authoress has been discovered by this very excited local historian! This eagle-eyed and passionate local historian has discovered a cache of letters and writings which have … Continue reading

Norfolk-Tours is an #SBS Winner

        Well, this week has turned into a real hum-dinger to say the least! Theo Paphitis, one of the famous “Dragons” from TV’s Dragons’ Den, is a great supporter of Small Businesses and, every Sunday, he has … Continue reading

Parachuting Over Norfolk (and Suffolk).

Well, 2nd February 2013 will go down in my life story, as one of those days! One of those days that are engraved in the mind for ever! Some months ago, I was talking to two people who are organising … Continue reading

Chimney Sweepers

Who would have thought that just a chance comment in an article on a website could give me hours of researching fun? Well, if you are like me, anything I start to look at, usually ends up meaning that I … Continue reading

Ancestral Tours & Vacations in England

Ancestral Tours I was talking to a tourism chief the other day and he wasn’t too sure that ancestral tourism was as important to the local economy of England as I was making it out to be. He couldn’t see … Continue reading

Family History Vacations, I can even make you cry!

Have you ever thought about visiting the places connected to your family’s history? The towns and villages where your ancestors actually lived and the Churches they attended. With a Norfolk-Tours vacation, that is exactly what you can do and that … Continue reading

American Airfields during WWII.

American Airfields during WWII. I have just had a really rewarding couple of weeks! First, I took three American sisters and a family friend of theirs, to lots of places associated with the family history. Nothing unusual in that, except … Continue reading

Cottages in 1850

One of the many overlooked sources for family history and local history are local newspapers. Below, I give just one simple advertisement from a Norfolk newspaper on 1850. With this and the 1851 census, I have been able to build … Continue reading

Murder Most Foul!

There have been many murders and villainous exploits in this large County over the years and many of them have become internationally renowned, but for today, I will concentrate on one event that is much less well known. The event … Continue reading

If a Picture Paints a Thousand Words …..

….. then why can’t I paint you? The world will never know, the you I’ve come to know. No, don’t worry, I’ve not gone totally mad! I am just thinking about our family photographs and what we do with them. I … Continue reading