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Starting your family history

This short film will help you to make a start researching your ancestry. Easy to follow and simple to do, even if you can’t get out of your house at the moment.

Don’t get hold of the wrong end of the stick!

I love old sayings and those that relate to everyday life are often the best. Together with my fascination of the history of the toilet, this saying is one of my favourites. Recently, with the rush on stock-piling toilet paper, … Continue reading

Norfolk Day

Norfolk Day 2018 This year sees the first day devoted to our beautiful county.   27th July 2018 will see lots of events and celebrations and Norfolk-Tours will be taking part.   To help you celebrate Norfolk Day, I have … Continue reading

Norfolk-Tours on the BBC

In November, I was asked to show Cerys Matthews around Anna Sewell’s house for The One Show on BBC1 and we were filming for much of the afternoon.                   After exploring, we … Continue reading

Our Royal Christening

How fantastic that our new princess, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, is being baptised at Sandringham in Norfolk. The Church is one which has had its fair share of Royal usage over the years, some sombre but some happier and is … Continue reading

Old Photographs of Norwich – Norfolk

I was looking through my photograph files on my computer this evening and thought I would share a few old pictures of Norwich. I have lots of old photographs but these show interesting views and people working in everyday jobs. … Continue reading

WW II Airfields in East Anglia

WW II Airfields in East Anglia The area of East Anglia is very close to Europe and there is nothing but sea between our Eastern Counties and Holland. It was the perfect place to put airfields during the War as … Continue reading

Fakenham Fire

What a shame to see the old Aldiss’s store burning down. The row of shops at the top of the market place are in a prime position and it is a real blow to the town to have them in … Continue reading

Family Names

Surnames It’s interesting when we start to look at our family history, one of the first things we often look for, is the meaning of the name and this can be very surprising, as many do not mean what we … Continue reading

Ten Reasons to Visit Norfolk.

There are many reasons to visit this area of England but here, I have selected just ten things which may surprise you about this County. Ten Reasons to Visit Norfolk, England.   1: The Queen of England has her own … Continue reading