Cultural Tours

For many people, the most important part of visiting a country or area, is to see what life is really like in that place. It is no good going to France and eating nothing but burgers and fries, you will miss so much of the real France and the way of life of the local people.

If you want to see what England is like, it is often much better to get a true picture by visiting places that are off the beaten track rather than the main tourist areas, as London and other such places. Our cultural holidays do just that.

Visit local towns and villages



East Anglia has a number of great tourist attractions, such as Cambridge and Sandringham, but there are also many lesser-known places, such as Wymondham, Holt, Downham Market and Swaffham, which have a great deal to offer the visitor. It is much more likely that you will be rubbing shoulders with locals and if you can’t understand what is being said in the bar of a local pub, it will be because the people talking are locals, not other tourists.

You will be walking around markets and shops where we buy our groceries, where we meet up with friends for a chat and where most of the things on offer are locally produced.

I can take you to visit tradesmen who still make things in the old fashioned way, I can organise a day out where you get to see a blacksmith in action, an afternoon in a jeweller’s workshop where you will be able to make yourself a piece of jewellery, a trip to an artist’s studio, a day out sailing on the Norfolk Broads or a trip along the peaceful country lanes in a vintage car. If you have a special interest or hobby, I can often find a local contact for you to meet up with and have a chat.

Diverse Norfolk

Downham Market

Downham Market

Norfolk has so much to offer, from the noise and bustle of the City of Norwich, the atmosphere of a small town on Market Day, to the peace and tranquility of a pebble beach, listening to the sound of the waves washing up on the shore.

Culture, history and modern life, all sit happily side by side in Norfolk. If you want to see what your ancestors did for a living, there are many old trades still being practiced in the area. Many of us are descended from a long line of Agricultural Labourers and if you want to see what they actually did, I can show you. If you want to see how horses worked the land, I can show you (you may even be able to have a go) and if you want to see the sort of conditions your ancestors lived in, you can see that too!

There’s not shortage of things to do in Norfolk and the surrounding areas. Contact me to find out how Norfolk Tours can help you make the most of your time here.