Useful links

There are other companies and individuals who offer similar services to Norfolk Tours
in other parts of the world and I am posting some of their details here, along with other
people whose writings may be of interest to you.

I have not used any of the holiday providers, but I have built up an online relationship
with them and feel that I can suggest that you contact them if you intend to travel to their area. Please be your own judge and form your own opinions. I cannot be held responsible for any problems with third parties that appear on this site. If you do have any problems, please inform me and I will remove them from this site.

Elizabeth Hanson

The first link is for Elizabeth Hanson, who writes a travel blog. Elizabeth is a veteran travel writer who specializes in real experiences for affluent travellers. Here she shares ideas for savouring local cultures without sacrificing comfort and convenience. Authentic luxury travellers value personalized service and custom itineraries that allow for spontaneous
detours and that is just what Norfolk Tours offers! Her blog included part of an interview we had; Here

Luxury Travel Blogs

Another site that offers blogs relating to luxury travel, is which gives lots of ideas for that special vacation. Again, I cannot say that I agree with all of the bloggers or that I can recommend them all. Please read and make up your own mind.
Just go: Here

American Research

If you need help with research in the USA, this lady has a lot of expertise, especially in the Civil War area. Obviously, you need to decide for yourself, I am only giving you a contact to investigate.

Self-Catering in Norfolk

First class accommodation is to be found all over Norfolk and here are a few fantastic self-catering bases if you would like to do it yourself. I am always happy to offer suggestions about where you can visit while you are here, if you need advice, please do contact me at

Military Genealogy

Military Genealogy – Military Genealogy is the ONLY site where you can find military records of over 4 million British Armed Forces personnel exclusively cross matched with over 4000 Regiments, Bases and Ships of the British Armed Forces going back to before 1630, making your genealogy task much easier and more complete.

Buy Local Norfolk

Buy Local Norfolk logoBuy Local Norfolk is a great organisation encouraging us all to support our local businesses. From the local butcher or baker, right through to the bloke up the road who catches moles. If we all support our local businesses, the money in our pockets stays in our area and supports local services.

Using national and international businesses only helps to take money out of our regions.

Enterprise Rockers

Launched in January 2012, Enterprise Rockers aspires to become the largest global self-help community for micro businesses that are already trading, wherever they are in the world.

Enterprise Rockers - making life better and fairer for micro enterprises

The aim of Enterprise Rockers, a UK based community interest company, is to make life in micro business better and fairer and to achieve that we promote the following ways of working:

  • Encourage micro business owners to trade with each other.
  • Encourage consumers to buy goods and services from micro businesses.
  • Encourage micro businesses to collaborate with each other to create opportunities.
  • Develop productive relationships with larger organisations.
  • Ensure micro business owners get the support they need from current or former micro business owners.
  • Encourage young people to understand that self-employment is a 
great form of employment.

Stay on a Farm

To get a great feeling for an area, it is always good to stay in local independent accommodation and that’s why Norfolk Tours only uses independent providers!

If you want to look around for yourself, here is a great place to start: Farmstay

Yvonne Silk
Farm Stay East Anglia
Monterey, Lodge Close
Thurston, Bury St Edmunds
Suffolk IP31 3RS
Tel: 01359 231013

Walking Vacations

If you would like me to arrange for you to stay in a cottage or B&B and, each day, take you to the start of a walk and pick you up from the end of the walk, I can arrange that for you. There are thousands of walks in the area, some follow ancient pre-historic tracks, some follow Roman Roads and others are on old railway lines. The views, the birdlife, the surprises around each corner and being at one with nature!

Check out this map to see just how many choices there are when it comes to walking vacations in Norfolk!

Click HERE for the map.